Thursday, 10 May 2012


Last night a special someone picked me up from work. I've been sick lately, and haven't had much energy to do anything. So, because he's a sweetheart, he made me supper. :)
He even bought me a rose.
So adorable. I can't get over how thoughtful he is, honestly.

Ahhh. He even brought me to a nice place to eat downtown last week.
What a gentleman.


 desperately need a haircut. D;
I was thinking of going back to a visual kei style cut like this, eventually:
(except short in the back. I want to go silver too! ^o^)
But my next haircut will be a cross between this:
and this:

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Q&A With lovelyandporcelain


So much has changed over the past few months.
A two year relationship ended. I started dating a new guy, then what I had with him ended. Now, I'm with someone else. If there's anything I've learned, is that things can change so quickly. I've been so stressed about everything, though, it's calmed down quite a bit these past few days. I hope it can stay that way.

What I do know, is that I'm slowly figuring things out for myself. It's scary, but it's something that needed to be done. I can't rely on other people for that too much. I also can't expect people to have the nicest things to say about all of this.

But, I guess none of that should really matter, even if it hurts.
People can be cruel and ignorant. They will stick their noses into your business and try and make it their own. The truth is, that this is MY LIFE. These are MY decisions, no one else's. So, what I do, and who I'm seeing, does not affect them in any way. I have to keep reminding myself that. Especially, if I want to be happy.