Friday, 2 December 2011

I haven't been on here in a while!

Hello everyone! How are you all? :)
Sorry I haven't been posting in a while. It seems as if I've been in a rut these days. I've been procrastinating with my school work (as usual).
Christmas is so close! I have to start my shopping if I want to get it done in time. Christmas shopping is my favorite things about the holidays! I love the feeling of finding a gift that I know someone will like!
I feel like baking a lot around this time of year too. I might bake a cake with my boyfriend soon!
Nick and I cook a lot together. We both really enjoy it :)

Friday, 4 November 2011

I Went On a Date With My Boyfriend

and picked up some very cute things! I found a lovely tea pot on sale for 75% off. I only paid $7.00 for it!!
I also found some cute hair accessories and a pair of floral-lace tights! It's pretty hard for me to find hair accessories that suit me because I have such short hair. But, I managed to find these two rosette clips for about $9.00.

this is what they look like in my hair:
I think They'll look pretty cute in a classic co-ord. Maybe with a bigger bow with some pearls. :)
The tea pot I bought has a really "rustic" feel to it, which I like. It's pretty big too! I suspect that it can make about 6 cups of tea.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The weekend is so close!

I've been feeling a bit lazy lately. I just want to sit around all day and draw. I haven't done a serious piece of art work in such a long time. It feels as if I've been in this "haze" that I can't seem to escape from.
I have all these ideas swirling around in my brain but the second I go to put in on paper, it slips away. It's really frustrating.
on another note, I'm thinking about making a lolita wishlist, so I can keep track of the things I need and get an idea on how much I'll have to save. That way I can put aside money for tuition fees for school and paying off my student loan.
I created a livejournal account as well. I'd like to get involved with EGL and Daily Lolita but I'm a bit nervous. I've seen some nasty things up on loli-secret. I realize that not all lolitas are like that, and it more depends on the individual person. I really hope they welcome me when I decide to post something.

Here is my livejournal URL if you're interested:

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I can't begin to explain how badly I want this dress. Mary Magdalene never ceases to impress me. It costs a fortune though. 26, 800 yen? That's  $348.40 Canadian. way out of my price range. It IS gorgeous though isn't it?
I really love Victorian Maiden and Innocent world as well. My first purchase will most likely be from Qutieland. They sell lolita brand clothing from china, and are significantly cheaper than Japanese brands (which is perfectly fine with me. The review I've read are good and they sell quality clothing).
Im thinking one of these dresses may be my first purchase:
I also really like this skirt:

It has more of a Gothic feel than what I usually go for, but I love the buttons and the ultra-high waist. I can pair it with more things too, since it's black. I'm sure I can make it look more classic if I co-ordinate it right!
I'll probably end up buying a petticoat from there as well. I own two (well, three if you include the petticoat dress I bought for my Halloween costume It's made of a stiff fabric and is pretty poofy, but It was cheap, which most likely means it will deflate.) 
. Two of them are from American Apparel. The AA petti's don't give me as much volume as I would like. I own the reversible petticoat and the slip petti. They're a soft fabric and are high quality. They give me enough poof for a more casual look, which is okay with me, but I'd like to own at least one petti that I can wear with more ornate JSK's and OP's.
It's pretty hard being a lolita when you live in a place that doesn't sell lolita clothing. Especially if you have no means of buying online. I'll probably end up getting a prepaid visa to get a couple of things. That way I can save the rest of my money up for more important things.

Some of My Loliable finds

                                                     White Blouse ($15 at Suzy Shier)
Ivory Rosette Mary Janes: ($7 at Value villge)
I also found some black mary janes at payless. I don't have a picture of them though!

White Dress (Urban Planet $31)
Straw hat with floral Ribbon (Ardene)
Deco nails from Claires
Blazer from Click Klack (a punk/ goth loli store in Toronto) My friend brought this back for me on her trip!
there's a bow on the back:

Other finds (not shown)
Brown Lace trimmed skirt $7 at Value Village
Vintage High waisted Circle skirt $22 at Model Citizens
Black cut-sew ($10 at Bluenotes)
White knee high socks $12 at American Apparel
Slip Petticoat (American Apparel)
Reversible petticoat (american Apparel)
ruffled headdress (Claires)
Floral Headress (claires)
Flower hair clip (Claires)
Lace tights (Le Chateau)
Gray Lace trimmed Thigh Highs (Claires)
Black Knee Highs (American Apparel)
Black OTK socks (Claires)
Old School Ruffle Dress ( $40 At Model Citizens)
red ruffle blouse ($25 at Model Citizens)
2-Ruffled Boleros ( Black- Urban Planet, White Lace- Sirens)

My Love for Lolita Fashion

Throughout my childhood and adolescence I found myself enticed by foreign cultures. Greek, Roman, Russian, Korean and Japanese culture have always been interesting to me.
   I grew up watching anime and eventually began buying manga as well. I met people with similar interests and also started listening to Japanese music. Which led up to the introduction of Japanese street fashions into my life.
Decora Kei, Visual Kei, Lolita, Fairy Kei, Gyaru. I loved them all. But Lolita has always stuck out in my mind.
  Over the past four years or so, I learned about lolita fashion. I read articles and forums and even began incorporating aspects of it into my own style. I loved the idea of a feminine style while still being modest. 

Right now I'm slowly building up a lolita wardrobe. Loliable clothing can be VERY hard to come by when you live in Newfoundland. Lucky for me, there are a few vintage stores downtown that carry things like blouses, shoes and circle skirts that can be worn in the casual- classic style I go for.
  Lolita can also be very expensive. My current dream dress is an OP from Mary Magdalene. It costs just about $400 canadian. As a first year university student, splurging on a dress is out of the question.
 I wear lolita inspired and casual lolita 2-4 times a week. Even though I've toned down my look quite a bit, I do get stared at quite a lot. But mostly, people are very kind and seem to like it.
My first "brand" Purchase will most likely be from R-series, F+F, Dear Celine or Infanta.
My only real problem with lolita is the "sticker shock". I'm pretty scrawny, so I could fit into brand no problem (I personally think all brands should make larger sizes too. It's ridiculous that plus sized lolitas have to compromise.) As far as I know, there are no other Lolitas here in Newfoundland. Most of the people I know of that have even HEARD of the fashion (With the exception of my friends) associate lolita with maid cosplay, ita-lace monster dresses and fetishism.
I'd love to have a lolita meet up, but alas, I don't think that will happen anytime soon.

Hello Everyone!

This is my first post on blogspot!
I post mostly about things I like or enjoy and things about my life. 
Expect posts about Lolita and Japanese street fashion, art, dreams and ramblings about my life. 
If you have a tumblr you may recognize me from there:
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Please feel free to check out my blogs and ask me questions. :)